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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

"Tip Trucks Don’t Tilt : Tilt Trays Don’t Tip"

"TILTIP Tilts & Tips"

  • Pro Active Corporate OH&S Policy : Address known work place OH&S issues associated with the positioning of mobile and non mobile equipment on and off site, no need for dangerous removable ramps and expensive equipment trailers attracting those ongoing maintenance and registration expense.

  • Compatibility : TILTIP concept is compatible with a wide range of OEM make and models (including crew cabs) ranging from 7.5t GVM 4x2, with 4.5 meter tray and 3t payload up to 24t GVM 6x4, with 10-12t payload.

  • Standard Features Include : Vesconite bearings,  hydraulic and pneumatic safety fuse valves, in chassis micro  tilt / tip safety switch, in cab pneumatic tail gate release, retractable access safety steps & load restraint rings, and access / load traction lugs.

  • Optional Accessories : Split drop down sides, tow bar, pintle and trailer electrics, choice of electric or hydraulic winch with battery isolation switch, tool box, 25 litre water tank, roll-out load cover, remote hand held operator controls,  LED lighting, fold down operator hand rail and service body prop.

  • Operation benefit : Safety & ease of operator / equipment access to load / discharge, conduct start-up / shutdown and load restraint procedures.  Consider some of your most experienced operators are beginning to feel their age and have minor health issues often aggregated by manhandling ramps and trailers.












  • Versatility : Improve operator and equipment utilisation and flexibility with the introducing dual functionality into daily corporate activities.

  • Simple control systems :simple / basic in cab and hand held remote controls require  minimum operator conversion training to achieve efficient Driver / Operator Endorsement required under "Duty of Care" Legislation.

  • Operations Stability : In tilt mode TILTIP provides stability for equipment load / discharge procedures as weight is triangularly distributed between rear axle group and trailing edge of tray remaining in contact with ground. No sudden weight transfer as equipment exits or loads.
    In Tip mode two hydraulic lift arms, mounted between  axle groups and external of chassis rails improves stability whilst supporting load ahead of pivot point and rear axles group during tipping adding to overall stability.

  • Operation safety procedures : must be understood and adhered to with consideration given to; site conditions, type of material transported ie. sand or clay/  wet or dry, site and or  vehicle incline, wind strength and direction, ground makeup, condition & surface compaction.

  • Parking Considerations : relieve depot / project / and worksite congestion, potentially reduce corporate fleet size, conserve restricted capital, reduce on-road and servicing cost.

  • Custom Options : Winch on / tip off containers & skids to accommodate; water tanks, bulk waste bins, lighting and generator plants, fire fighting units, flood response sand bagging & emergency pumping stations, including transport, launch, and retrieve marine rescue craft capabilities.

  • Lighter, Less Expensive & More versatile than conventional tilt trays.


In-Cab Simple Selection Controls

Hydraulic Pneumatic Fuse Valve

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