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TILTIP Head Quarters

2/6 Lot 6 Airfield Ave

South Murwillumbah 

NSW 2484

Corner of Quarry Road and Airfield Ave.

Next door to Shoobridge Transport.

Tony Hall 

0412 723 523 


TILTA Industries have been granted International Patents to the following countries Australia 

New Zealand


United States of America


Tony Hall

CEO & Inventor

    As TILTIP’s Inventor, I served my apprenticeship and received early business mentoring under my father, Ray’s guidance. I purchased the family business in 2000, and in 2006 I established Tilta Industries to manage this unique Patented Australian Transport Initiative and establish an international network to promote, service, market, and manufacture TILTIP Technologies.

     My roll in the  company includes all aspects of management, marketing and production including manufacturing, assembly, testing and customer liaison.

     My ambition is to develop products that are simplistic while having the ability to perform complex operations. Throughout my career I have endeavoured to produce work to a highly professional standard and in a manner that provides customers with unique, safe and efficient products. With my TILTIP tray system my goal is to introduce this product to be  utilized by the global market.

     As a employee I was proud to work along side my father in the family business on various projects including architectural housing and commercial buildings and many unique one off projects. My career allowed me to develop multiple skills in various trades that consist of design, manufacturing, welding, machining, painting, electrical, mechanical,  hydraulic and pneumatic system assembly .

    Outside of the business I am a proud husband, father of 4 and grandfather. I am ambitious and strive to be the best that I can at all aspects of life. I have achieved numerous goals in various activities such as motocross, road racing, mountain biking, triathlon and management roles in multiple sporting clubs.  I am also interested in sustaining a healthy body and mind through natural living and helping others live a healthy life style.  


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Are you ready for a Safer and more efficient work place. 

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